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    3 very crucial questions regarding Apache Velocity email script tokens in an email

      Background: I have an email script that initializes a bunch of variables and then other smaller individual scripts that reference the initial variables. This works in the HTML email and plain text email, but there are 3 significant problems.


      1. Where can I place my initial script token so that the other email scripts will populate in the subject line?


      2. The initial email script token results in a lot of whitespace in the plain text version of the email. Since I have to place it at the very beginning of the email, the email has like 10 lines of whitespace at the top.


      3. How do I properly create a link using an email script?


      The way I have it now:


      In the token:

      #set ($directions = "https://google.com/maps/dir//Some+Place")



      So here $directions is being printed — the actual link, that is.


      In the HTML:

      <a href="{{my.token}}">Directions</a>


      The error I get in Safari: (see attachment)