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Easier management of Dynamics duplicates

Discussion created by Grégoire Michel on Jun 2, 2017
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Hi All,


We are trying to make a case to Marketo, we need a more flexible way to get rid of MSD sourced-duplicates. Here is the use case: for historical reasons and ingrained processes that will be hard to change, we have many duplicates in the Dynamics instance. If order to prevent these to flow to Marketo, we have set up a sync filter and some rules that make sure that each email address can be sync'ed only once to Marketo. So far so good


The problem starts when someone in the database decides that they want to stop sync'ing M. Smith #1 and instead sync M. Smith #2; for whatever reason, including the fact that some sales will create a new opportunity on Smith #2. In this case, as the sync is locked at the GUID level, in Marketo M. Smith #2 is created, but M. Smith #1 stays, with a GUID and a Dynamics type (and with sync errors), and we start having duplicates again. We cannot merge the 2 Smith because they are both sees as sync"ed from Marketo standpoint. We do not want to delete M Smith #1 because all the passed activities (including scoring and program successes) would be lost and we need these for reporting on Marketing contribution.


I have created this idea :Revert persons to "non sync'ed record" when deleted in MS Dynamics or Salesforce but I need all of you to vote for it and if possibly to help pushing it to the PM.


And also, of course to read your comments on it.


FYI, the problem is exactly the same on SFDC side...