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    Website Banner with SMS Feature

    Kim Gandy

      Love this banner on Shopify encouraging users to text app link to phone for download. I'd like to add this to our websites promoting app on desktop browsers. Any thoughts on the best provider to accomplish SMS piece of this banner?

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          Nicholas Manojlovic

          Your link doesn't seem to work for me so I'm answering blindly..


          I think I follow you though.


          First step is to integrate with any usual SMS provider - this is done via webhooks.


          Secondly, you can call a webhook when a banner is clicked using a "Clicks link on page" trigger. You just need to have collected their mobile number at some point.

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              Josh Hill

              Twilio, Informatica, and there's a new SMS provider on Launchpoint.


              Please be aware that SMS may have complex regulatory requirements depending on Country of the Lead.

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                  Courtney Grimes

                  For a moment, you had me excited that Nexmo had finally enhanced its integration to use its SMS API (which has much wider country support), but alas, it's still chat client only. :/


                  That said, I really do want to underline Josh's point on regulatory requirements--there's quite a bit of work that needs to be done even for American audiences, but it gets especially difficult when dealing with Canadian, EU and (really difficult for) Australians. Even in the contexts I've done SMS marketing, which had willing and enthusiastic participants, there was a lot of headaches and going with in-app notifications made far more sense in the end.


                  You can do what Shopify does, but tread lightly. Also I am not your legal counsel etc etc.


                  EDIT: Upon further reflection on your outcome, is there any reason you're not just using a Smart App Banner? Both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store have markup that support this function.

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