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    Syncing Opportunities from Dynamics to Marketo

      Hi all!


      We are trying to sync all opportunities on active accounts with a contact with an email address that are closed WON from Dynamics to Marketo - it seems like if the lead/contact originated from CRM the opportunity information is not coming over - if the lead/contact originated from Marketo (web form) and the lead has been sync'd to CRM from Marketo, then the opportunity information will population on the record.


      Wondering if anyone else has seen this and if you have a work around to get all opportunity info populated on the lead record in Marketo so we can create a campaign around opportunity info.




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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Adrian,


          The opportunity will be visible in Marketo for reporting purpose if and only if one of the contacts linked to the opportunity is sync'ed in Marketo. So for the opportunity to show in Marketo:

          1. You need the opportunity to have at least 1 contact attached to it with a contact role
          2. You need this contact to be sync'ed with Marketo


          Whether the contact was first created in Marketo or Dynamics normally should not matter.


          Check that you do not have a sync filter implemented and if so that the contact that you need to sync have this checkbox ticked.



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