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    Recap of SFMUG 5.30.2017

    Jessica Cross

      Hey SFMUGERS!


      Thanks to all that made it out to AdRoll HQ yesterday for our Mug. We talked through a summit recap and dove deep into how to build CASL compliance programs. Thanks Emily Salus and Elizabeth Downing for the awesome recap.  I've attached the slides in PDF form but for quick access, here are a bunch of links to resources to get you all prepared for CASL

      Canadian Government: http://fightspam.gc.ca/eic/site/030.nsf/eng/home

      RevEngine Webinar: http://pages.revenginemarketing.com/CASL-Webinar

      RevEngine Blog Post: http://revenginemarketing.com/blog/2017-casl-compliance-deadline/

      Marketo’s Approach: https://events.marketo.com/summit/2017/sessions/they-love-me-they-love-me-not-create-an-email-database-that-loves-you

      Marketo Webinar: https://www.marketo.com/webinars/getting-ready-for-the-canadian-anti-spam-legislation/

      Marketo Cheatsheet: https://www.marketo.com/cheat-sheets/a-marketers-guide-to-canadas-anti-spam-legislation-casl/

      Campaign Checklist: http://pages2.marketo.com/rs/marketob2/images/nNovation%20LLP%20CASL%20Campaign%20Checklist.pdf


      Happy Marketing!

      Jessica and Jeff