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    Adding a wait step before a lead goes into a stream

      I have built an engagement program for leads that sales switches to a Marketing Re-Nurture status.  The streams themselves are very straightforward. However, we want to wait a month before the lead receives any emails from the stream. I am having a hard time determining where to put the wait step. Here's my flow steps:

      Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 10.17.23 AM.png


      The problem is that I have been getting alerts that people are being adding directly into stream 1, not waiting 1 month.

      I currently have no transition rules in any of the streams, I'm just using smart campaigns. Is this something I should put in a transition rule? I also considered creating a stream with no content that leads could go into and then after 1 month they could transition into the stream with content. It seems like a very simple thing, so I'm just looking for the simplest way to do it.

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          Chris Johnston

          What is Stream 1? A purely separate nurture stream or is it used elsewhere as well? It could be activating in some other way. ie. A separate batch campaign running daily.


          You could do a New Program Status - Recycled Wait

          Wait 30 Days

          New Program Status - Nurture > Member

          Change Engagement Program Stream - Stream 1


          That would eliminate any other program from picking it up if you are reusing status'/streams. However, I would want to have a status to report on which leads were sales after being recycled to report on that success.

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            Hi Caroline,


            As with almost anything in Marketo, there's a number of ways to accomplish this. In this case, I lean more towards the safest route possible, with simple still being a consideration. The safest way to accomplish this, while still maintaining simplicity is below.


            Structure this Flow as below:

            1. Wait - 1 month
            2. Request Campaign


            Create a 2nd campaign where the Smart List has a trigger of "Campaign is Requested". The Flow in this campaign would have your Change Program Status step and your Change Engagement Program Stream step.


            The benefit of this is that leads/contacts don't even enter the 2nd campaign until that 1 month period of time is up. It's not super complicated while super safe about not letting anyone get added to the Engagement Program until they should.


            Let me know if you have any additional questions. Thanks!

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              Lauren Aquilino

              Hi Caroline,


              Changing the program status automatically adds them to the first stream.


              I would use the wait step first and then use the "Add to Engagement Program" flow step. This will add to the program and stream in one step.



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