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    Embedded Forms - Send user to PDF - Not remembering user on subsequent visit

      Hi there,


      I have the following issue:


      We are using embedded forms. In some cases we offer the user a PDF after they fill out the form and we send them directly to the PDF file after they hit submit.


      In these cases, when the user navigates to a different form on our website, the Marketo form does not recognize them and so they have to fill out the form again.


      In other cases we offer them a different page on our website ("thank you page variant") and in such cases when they visit other pages on our website the form recognized them and they do not need to fill out, they just hit submit.


      Correct me if I am wrong, but my assumption is that since there is no Munchkin code being fired when they visit a PDF Marketo does not register their form success??


      If my assumption is correct, can I add some javascript to my forms so that when linking to a PDF we also have get the functionality of logging the user back in to the form when they visit a subsequent page on our website?


      If yes, any code examples?


      Thanks so much for reading this far :-)