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    Pull data from Marketo custom object into SFDC task description

    Iryna Zhuravel

      We are using Zoom for our webinars, and it allows to store some webinar data (questions asked, polls, ectc) in Marketo custom object.


      Our sales reps now want all that data added into their webinar follow-up task.


      However, it is not currently possible to add tokens for marketo custom object fields into the task description.


      Has anyone done something like this? what workaround did you use?


      Zoom does have salesforce integration, but it is only for their meeting/conferencing piece; it does not write webinar data into salesforce.

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          frederick Honey

          Hi Iryna,


          We are currently using a work-around, as I don't believe you can write Marketo custom object data over to SalesForce.


          Instead, we are running a program that looks for a change on the custom object, then writes the webinar answer data to a custom field in Marketo.


          Those fields, you can build in SalesForce, then when the Leads sync, the data populates correctly.


          Its not ideal, as you can clutter up your fields in Marketo, and have to build fields in SalesForce as well.



          Custom Object Webinar Survey Questions:

          Build a custom field for each Answer in Marketo.

          Build the Program based on Trigger "has survey results":

          Smart list:


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