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Program naming convention for PPC/SEM

Question asked by 3af99dd1d3c7738740df2b2bd4298048691e5333 on May 30, 2017
Latest reply on May 31, 2017 by Darrell Alfonso

I inherited a Marketo instance that has program naming convention in place already (yay!), but the way they have structured their SEM programs is where I am stuck and am looking for any best practice advice. All of their programs for that channel were created in 2016 so the naming convention is YY-MM-CHANNEL-VERTICAL-UNIQUE IDENTIFIER, so in this case 16-02-SEM-.... Multiple users have added a series of new landing pages and smart campaigns to those programs over the months before I came on board and they just built out a new set of landing pages for SEM that they want to point all paid traffic to. My question is, for a channel such as this that is "ongoing", but in this case constantly adding new landing pages as A/B testing variants or replacing old landing pages with new ones, would you recommend brand new programs by year or quarter? Please note these Marketo programs and their naming conventions map to matching Salesforce campaigns so names would need to be updated in that system as well. Any thoughts on this would be very helpful!