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    Trying to Onboard New Customers Who Later Get Added to Won Account

    Jeff Smith

      We have an onboarding campaign that sends a series of emails (divided by wait steps) to our net new customers. We use SFDC as our CRM. Those who get onboarded are the contacts who were listed under that opportunity when it closes. The team who oversees customer success wants to make sure that we onboard those contacts who get added to the account (not opportunity) after the opp for the same account has already closed. There is a 30-day window that we want to look at for onboarding any newly added contacts.


      I started with a trigger of Person Is Created, with Source Type being salesforce.com and SFDC Type being Contact. However, that's just newly created contacts from SFDC, and I've been trying to think of how to filter for only those who belong to accounts that have had an opp close in the past 30 days. Any ideas how to accomplish this? Thanks!