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    What KPI reports (for B2B) do you find most helpful?

    Leanne Persang

      We are just getting into RCE training, and have been asked what are our KPIs by the trainer. We are new to reporting and are not sure what are the best KPIs to report on. So, I am curious what B2B KPIs do you report on that can be tracked in Marketo? Thanks for your input!

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          Samantha McCollough

          Hi Leanne! This is one of those "it depends" answers because what one company wants to measure will be different than the next, so make sure your business objectives are clear first. This way, it's much easier to identify reports that align. Another consideration is to think of what metrics will help you identify ways/areas for improvement to increase profitability.


          That said, there are some key KPI's that are relevant across the board that I recommend:

          • Marketing-Generated Revenue (obviously! because you can't buy a beer with an MQL )
          • Cost per Source
          • Full Funnel Reporting inc. Conversion rates
          • ABM Reporting

          Hope that gives you a good starting point!

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            David Gaible

            Hi Leanne Persang - good luck with training! RCE is powerful!

            I'll echo what Samantha McCollough said - the most important KPIs are going to vary business to business. I was in a similar situation last year, where my company was just launching Revenue Explorer and all of a sudden we had new metrics available. We (the MA team) sat down with marketing leadership, ran through an overview of the reporting setup, and agreed that MT Pipeline Generated and MT Pipeline Influenced would be the first metrics we would focus on. The two metrics - for us - got at the heart of marketing's contributing to the sales pipeline. As we matured as an organization we paid more attention to other metrics (velocity metrics in particular), but every org's journey will be different.