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    MSI & Multiple Instances of Marketo

    Mike Santos

      We currently have three Marketo Instances (connected via Universal login) sharing and/or connected to one Salesforce account. The three Marketo instances are used for various industries within our business. For example, one is for Retail, another for Manufacturing, and another for Finance.


      From the looks of it, you can only connect MSI to once instance per SF account. We currently have it setup with the Retail instance of Marketo.


      With that in mind – are there any workarounds to getting MSI setup with another Marketo instance to make sure my Sales team doesn't skip a beat with their leads and contacts activity?

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          Veronica Holmes

          Hi Mike

          It sounds like you have one Marketo instance actually connected to Salesforce via the native connector (your retail instance), and two others connected through some kind of custom API connectivity in order to have three instances connected at once. I'm guessing you probably also use workspaces/partitions to support this model.


          With the native connector you have MSI functionality, with the others you won't. The Marketo and Salesforce native connector is a one-to-one pairing, so out of the box, no, there is no way to do what you are describing.


          I know others have built MSI connectivity through using Marketo APIs and building their own connections into Salesforce to support multiple Marketo instances, but this is custom development work.

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