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    Example Lead Scoring Programs

      I'm looking to revamp our 1.0 Lead Scoring Program and was hoping to reach out to the vast Marketo community for some examples of a successful scoring program. If you're willing, please post a screenshot of your scoring program and any other tips/tricks you have on the topic.


      Thank you in advance!

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          Devraj Grewal



          Global scoring is my advice. Have an operational program house all scoring campaigns and have the program's tokens house the score values. This allows both, the convenience of one place to make all scoring changes and one view to determine values relative to others.

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            Darrell Alfonso

            Mary - So one of the things I've found helpful is trying to translate the point system into something that sales can understand and give feedback on, since you will need feedback from them. Here is a sample of one of the parts of the scoring I built and share with sales, I can send you the whole thing through DM. The "interest level" is how I get feedback from sales.


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              Chris Johnston

              The best advice I have is to look at your closed/won leads and go backwards. They often end up on similar pathways over a large enough sample size and then make your lead scoring model represent that. If you look at 1000 closed/won and 90% downloaded 3 pieces of content or clicked 3 email links etc. You can then compare it to closed/lost and see if perhaps they only looked at 1 piece of content or 1 clicked link and devalue what got that person to sales before they were ready and value the added touch points in a more significant way.

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                  Thanks for sharing the "work backwards" approach. This works very well as your closed/won deals increases. I also have found helpful to incorporate ratio of total leads / closed leads as a metric to assign scoring to specific score tokens. For example, if a campaign has 5 number of total CTAs / actionable links, and the lead clicked 3 of those CTAs in a 1 month, they would score higher than someone who clicked only 1 CTA in a month. This can get complicated, but if you have targeted campaigns, i.e. PPC, then this can be really helpful.

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                  Chelsea Kiko

                  Hi Mary,


                  Another thing you can do as we just adjusted our lead scoring is talking to your inside sales rep or whoever follows up once the lead hits the threshold. We did this and found that our scoring program was pushing a lot of bad data to our inside sales rep and he was getting a little frustrated. We found, for example, we were scoring too high on webinar registrations and attendances because after they opened all the emails associated with the webinars, attended, and opened up the follow up email - they were almost to the threshold. Attending one webinar doesnt mean a lead is ready to be called. This way, we kind of worked backwards to see where the tendencies lie and then made scoring adjustments off of that. I have a bi-weekly call with our inside sales rep to see the quality of leads coming into his queue and it seems to be getting a lot better.

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