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    Who Among You Are Using Account Hierarchies?

    Doug Marshall

      Account Hierarchies allow you to create parent-child relationships between accounts; usually in your CRM system.  I am considering enhancing our ABM product to support these hierarchies, and I'd like to learn more from you about how you and your teams use hierarchies in practice.

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          Michele Zappulla

          Hi Doug.  We currently use parent-child relationships in SFDC for our accounts.  Since many named accounts or target accounts are global, they have regional coverage with deals typically tied to a specific region, line of business or subsidiary.  This structure in SFDC provides the link for more holistic, rolled up view.


          We would be very excited about that ability/functionality being part of the ABM product as right now the only way to do this is basically creating an account list to roll them up.  Which is manual and extra work.


          Would would also be fab would be to have ABM recognize leads in the account from the CRM (SFDC in our case).  ABM reads the contacts but not the leads.  Traditionally leads have not been associated with an account, but we were able to make this connection so we can see leads and contacts connected to the account in SFDC...  Right now we have to manually reconcile this in ABM in order for them to be pulled into the ABM product view for that account.


          Hope that helps!


          P.S. Super excited for the Chrome plug in!

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            John Muehling

            Hey Doug,


            We actually have a client that is on Marketo ABM who is moving towards the use of account hierarchies, so having true support for these inside the product.


            You and I spoke about this client at Summit. Basically, they are using hierarchies in a standard way, identifying the over-arching org as the "Parent" and subsidiaries or LOBs as "Child" accounts.


            Happy to speak further to this, if you like. john@digitalpi.com.