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    CRM Contact versus Lead Web Form Submissions

    Val Gardner


      Organic web leads through website, Marketo landing page, ties into our CRM (we use SFDC) as a Lead record - no problem at all for the telequal team (concerning updating records, forwarding lead, etc.)


      Existing converted lead comes through also via web form. This is now a 'Contact' within our CRM (SFDC). This is causing massive havoc and widespread anarchy. Problems include:

      1. Marketo cannot assign a Contact to a Lead queue, therefore creates a duplicate Lead Record Type which is assigned to the queue. As you all know, this also creates separation concerning legacy history within the record
      2. Contacts for us our owned. If they are owned, our telequal dpmt cannot: (A) Update the record and (B) Forward the record to be worked - so essentially we have a record we cannot work

      I know this is not unique to us - what can we do?