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    Email scripting - Replace email address with x if value is y

    Xavier Martin

      Hello Community!


      We are looking to use email scripting for "From Address" and "reply-to" because many of our unassigned leads/contacts (unapproved accounts) have "Salesforce Admin" as the owner and tech@hired.com as the email address and we are trying to reactivate these clients via personalized emails and that will not be a good look for those clients to receive what looks to be a personal outreach email from "Salesforce Admin."


      So, what we want to do is have a default From, From Address, and Reply-to for leads/contacts that have Salesforce Admin as the owner. Below I have placed so scripting that we have created thus (for email from address and reply-to) far but it is not working.



      #set($x_test = "kyle.cushing@hired.com,")


      #set($x_test = "${lead.Account_Owner_Email_Address},")




      When we try to send test emails, we get nothing. What are we missing? Anything helps!! Please and thank you!!!!! Courtney Grimes Sanford Whiteman Support

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          Sanford Whiteman

          Well, 2 main things:


          1. You aren't outputting anything!

          2. You have a breaking syntax error with that trailing $


          1 minor thing:


          1. Don't use ${formal.notation} unless you're inside a string. This will cause hard-to-find errors.


          #if($lead.Account_Owner_Email_Address == "tech@hired.com")
          #set($x_test = "kyle.cushing@hired.com,")
          #set($x_test = "${lead.Account_Owner_Email_Address},")


          (Also wouldn't bother @ing Support -- Velocity isn't in their domain.)