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Email scripting - Replace email address with x if value is y

Question asked by b2c65bdac5984df554d219b25f4ea844e50acb32 on May 23, 2017
Latest reply on May 23, 2017 by Sanford Whiteman

Hello Community!


We are looking to use email scripting for "From Address" and "reply-to" because many of our unassigned leads/contacts (unapproved accounts) have "Salesforce Admin" as the owner and as the email address and we are trying to reactivate these clients via personalized emails and that will not be a good look for those clients to receive what looks to be a personal outreach email from "Salesforce Admin."


So, what we want to do is have a default From, From Address, and Reply-to for leads/contacts that have Salesforce Admin as the owner. Below I have placed so scripting that we have created thus (for email from address and reply-to) far but it is not working.



#set($x_test = ",")


#set($x_test = "${lead.Account_Owner_Email_Address},")




When we try to send test emails, we get nothing. What are we missing? Anything helps!! Please and thank you!!!!! Courtney Grimes Sanford Whiteman Support