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    Facebook/LinkedIn/Twitter fields not found?

      According to http://developers.marketo.com/rest-api/lead-database/fields/list-of-standard-fields/ the fields facebookProfileURL, linkedInProfileURL and twitterId should be available to use via API, without requiring to create them as custom fields.


      However, I am getting the following errors when attempting to create/update a lead in our development sandbox:


      >>> from marketorestpython.client import MarketoClient
      >>> marketo_client = MarketoClient(
      ...     munchkin_id="<account id>",
      ...     client_id="<client_id>",
      ...     client_secret="<client_secret>"
      ... )
      >>> lead_info = {"firstName":"first", "lastName":"last", "email": "firstlast@example.com", "facebookProfileURL":"http://fb.com", "linkedInProfileURL":"http://li.com", "twitterId":"some_id"}
      >>> marketo_client.create_update_leads([lead_info])
      [{u'status': u'skipped', u'reasons': [{u'message': u"Field 'facebookProfileURL' not found", u'code': u'1006'}, {u'message': u"Field 'twitterId' not found", u'code': u'1006'}, {u'message': u"Field 'linkedInProfileURL' not found", u'code
      ': u'1006'}]}]


      The calls succeed, if I they don't include those three fields. Would appreciate any pointers to discover what's going on here. Thanks!