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    Subscribe from Dropdown (picklist)?

    Marcy Chandler

      Hello -

      We are in process of building a new homepage. With that new homepage, we have a mini subscription form.



      Screen shot below.



      What I am wondering is how do we get people to subscribe to the industry they pick using a picklist/dropdown? For example; let's say someone comes fills out the form and picks Construction & Real Estate what do we need to build on the Marketo side that tells the system this person picked Construction & Real estate and once they get their confirmation email they will now be signed up for that. We push everything through Salesforce and visa versa. Would we need to build individual trigger campaigns? Very open to feedback and suggestions. Thanks!



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          Devraj Grewal



          I would create a custom field (ex. Industry Subscription). You can populate this field with the same industry chosen on this form.


          Smart list:

          fills out form



          change data value

               Industry Subscription: {{lead.industry}}


          This will take whatever value the lead has for that industry field on the form and write it to the new custom field. Then you can use this new custom field to make sure you only send certain industry communications to them.

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              Sanford Whiteman

              Wouldn't necessarily create a single custom field -- the person should be allowed to subscribe to more than one newsletter, even if they appear to be mutually exclusive at the present time.


              I like to use a datetime field for each subscription. One field serves two purposes: as a boolean determining whether the person is subscribed (no value = not subscribed) and when they subscribed.


              Or of course there's using Program membership instead.