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    Greg Todd

      Question:  Is the "Unsubscribe" option all or nothing?  In other words, is there a way or setting that allows recipients to ONLY unsubscribe from a specific newsletter or distribution?  Our issue is that we send out a couple of different newsletters - one is a daily.  When our recipients get tired of it, they hit unsubscribe and it ends up omitting them from ALL future communications.  I'm looking for a way to make the unsubscribe button specific to specific newsletters or messages.  Possible?

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          Chris Johnston

          You can build a Subscription Center to define what is being unsubscribed from. At Salytics we have built several for clients, otherwise if you search around the community you will find some tips and tricks.

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            Devraj Grewal



            There are many ways to build a subscription center. On the unsubscribe form, you can create a new multi-select checkbox custom field that asks what they would like to unsubscribe from (ex. newsletter, webinar invites, product updates, unsubscribe from all communication, etc.). Only mark them true for the system unsubscribe field if they unsubscribe from all communication. Then when you do send another newsletter or webinar invite, you can send it as a non-operational email and in the smart list filter against those who have true for newsletter or webinar invite for that new custom unsubscribe field.


            As Chris mentioned, searching the Community will yield you some more ideas.

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