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    Adding Activities to Accounts not leads

    Ariel Sasso

      A client of mine has an interesting request. They would like to sync the activities of lead, such as opening an email, filling out a form, etc to a lead's account in Salesforce not the lead record. They have a lot leads under single accounts and they want a broader view for the overarching activity of all the leads under an account. Has anyone accomplished this?

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          Devraj Grewal



          Since Marketo cannot write to accounts, only leads and contacts, syncing activities would have to appear on the lead or contact record. Perhaps there is a way in SFDC of hiding lead and contact-level activities and having them only show on the account.


          However, on the account, you can have MSI or activity history display all the activities for the associated account's contacts.

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            Grégoire Michel

            Hi Ariel,


            Also, there is no such thing as a lead account in SFDC Standard. Contacts are linked to accounts, not leads. This means that if you are really talking about leads, then the account has to be a custom field.


            The only way to make what you want is to have a trigger in SFDC that, when an activity is created for a contact, it also automatically attached to the related account.



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