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    Bundling Products in emails and Alerts

    Luis Esquivel

      Hi fellow Marketers,


      The objective is to send emails and alerts triggered by consumer interaction on our website. In an effort to avoid sending multiple emails and alerts to and about the same consumer, but providing a complete picture, we would like to bundle all of the interactions within a certain time frame and send them in a single email and alert.


      Current Drafted  solution-

      • Creating multiple fields (one per product for urls) and a smart campaign to write pages interacted with to those fields using the {{trigger.Web Page}} token.
      • Setting up a Smart Campaign triggered by the interaction where the first action is a wait step
      • After the wait, sending an email that leverages email scripting to determine if the product fields are populated and loading certain content per case.
      • Sending an alert to a rep with a list of products (same Email Scripting) and using tokens for the new fields to load the urls with the interactions
      • Wiping the URLs in the new product fields on a set cadence


      Before I go create new fields for each product willy nilly, I'd like to bounce the idea around and get input to make sure I have the optimal solution.




      Thanks in advance!


      Benjamin Murray Ebony Venters Caycia Banks