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    Assign from Marketo to CRM Teams

    Raul Ocaña

      Hi guys,


      I see that we can assign Marketo leads to CRM Users and CRM Queues. I wonder if is possible to do the same with Teams?


      Does anyone have a workaround for this?




      Best regards,


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          Jonathan Ng

          I have not seen this put into practice.  Would be interested in learning more if someone has done it.  As a workaround, we have created a "dummy" user for the region and assigned leads/contacts to that user.  The team members would then view a dashboard that pertains to that "dummy" user for the region.

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            Jennifer Braathen

            I have done this but instead of assigning the lead record in Marketo, I created a workflow in Dynamics. 

            From Marketo I sync the lead to CRM, assigned to Marketo Admin. We route leads in CRM by region so my workflow looks like:

            - When a lead is created with owner=Marketo Admin, and Region= West, then assign to team=West Regional Team.


            Then in the leads module, I have created regional team views so team members can easily view all leads for their region.