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    Progressive Profiling working backwards?

    Hobie Thompson

      I've experienced this for a while, but finally thought I'd ask about it. Unless I'm reading the documentation wrong, it should display extra fields set in the progressive profiling section in the form designer if a user is cookied and has previously entered the non-progressive profiling fields.


      Here, my understanding is if I've never filled my information into a form before, I'll only get the top 4 fields, but I'll get all 7 if I've entered the top 4 fields before and I haven't cleared my cookies or anything.


      But, when I visit a page with this form setup as a cookied user who has entered those fields before, I get only get the first four fields:


      However, when I clear my cookies entirely, and visit the page, as if I'm visiting for the first time, I get all seven fields (e.g., I get the progressive profiling fields):



      Am I not understanding progressive profiling? Or is there something else going on here?