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Best Practise on Direct Mail program

Question asked by 47372d4b8d4cce37fd78c4673d827236bf93e9db on May 18, 2017
Latest reply on May 26, 2017 by Jessica Cross

Hi all,


I'm setting up Direct Mail program and I'm curious to know how other community members are managing this from a setup angle.


Like other gated content programs, I have set up a Global program and a DM program. DM program is each tactic/project we execute with various emails/CTA, so we can measure that specifically. For the Global program, I'm putting everyone who received the direct mail from various DM programs into the Global program so we can prevent sending them the same direct mail twice.


- How do you manage customer giveaway from a Marketing standpoint? just having a list can change Global program status there?

- How do you manage Sales giveaway? Once we sync the Global or DM program to SFDC, can Sales use Sales campaign to add Leads/Contact into the Global program? Or do I need to create specific programs in Marketo for Sales giveaway? (The trade-off of this is we have two program rows in the Campaign History in SFDC)


Any feedback and sharing are welcomed!