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Build Guided Templates locally on your computer

Question asked by c3fe9112321230d5eee5edffd64ff2ec9f973314 on May 18, 2017
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Good Morning everyone,


Build Guided templates locally - Marketo Guided Template Builder - Chrome Web Store



This discussion is mostly for the landing page developers who build out guided templates for their stake holders or clients.


As a developer we all know the pains it takes to build a guided template.


First: You build out the landing page.

Then you add all of the meta data so that you can test the variable options. If your like me these variables fields trigger Ajax and other API calls and windows and additional marketing windows for testing the landing pages. Some of the marketing pages I have built get very robust and are just **** of product quality.


Once it's been switched you then have to put into Marketo as a template, create a new LP and view it to see if it all worked. if there are any issues, you have to go back, fix them, upload to marketo. In my experience there tends to be a caching problem so you can't use the same LP, you will most likely have to create a new sample to view it.


and upgrades... eek...


Now you have to pull out the code, make up dummy code to run and build locally and add you feature and go through everything above all over again. And since we are in marketing we have -2 days to have it done. Marketo Guided Template Builder - Chrome Web Store


I personally hated the build and testing process so I built a chrome extension to help resolve the issue.


Marketo Guided Template Builder - Chrome Web Store


Install the extension in your browser.

Pull up your Guided Template

Turn on the extension

and Bamm! The extension will pull the meta data and push it into the LP. So you can see your guided template locally without having to build dummy code to run locally.


** This is only version 1

- Add a GUI interface to toggle booleans and fill in the input fields. So that you can see 100% of the guided template locally.

- Add in more Marketo's template tags

          Currently available:

                         Booleans (toggle buttons)

                         Strings (input fields)

                         Currently it grabs the tokens and switches out the content with the default values (so some other things might work as well by default)



** Please feel free to use it, and provide feed back... You like it, love it, hate it, have more request please share.


Marketo Guided Template Builder - Chrome Web Store