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Will Flow Step Add to Engagement Program Change Streams?

Question asked by Will Raleigh on May 18, 2017
Latest reply on May 18, 2017 by Devraj Grewal

I have a campaign that runs nightly and leads go through it every time. If a lead meets the smart list conditions, I use the flow step Add to Engagement Program, and add them to Stream 1. If a lead was already in the program and had transitioned to stream 2, will that flow step move them back to stream 1? Or, will people who are already a member of the program get bypassed for that flow step?


If the solution is to add a filter to the smart list to skip people who are already part of the program, I also have a second flow step that Changes Engagement Program Cadence to Normal, so that if somebody was paused in this program, they'll be unpaused once they meet the condition. If I do need to add a filter, am I right in thinking that needs to be a separate campaign instead of part of the same campaign? Or could I just use that flow step and eliminate the Add to Engagement Program step entirely as I think Change Engagement Program Cadence will add somebody to the program if they aren't already a member.