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    How to Use Custom Objects with Duplicate Leads

    Wyatt Bales

      Use Case: Display Transaction Tables for each Store within an Email (this part has been solved with #foreach)


      Catch: In SFDC, the same Contact Email Address owns multiple stores, thus syncs over as 5 duplicates. If the "Has Transaction Data" smart list pulls the first created record, that doesn't guarantee that record is the one tied to the custom object.


      Question: How do ensure my emails still render correctly even though there are duplicate records?


      I understand I could change the Sync_to_Marketo flag = FALSE on all but one of the duplicate records but that is a last resort. I tried using the Email Address and a unique ID as the link fields within the custom object but again, I believe Marketo's smart list batch functionality pulls the first created record in.


      Appreciate any thoughts/ideas.