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    Visualization of Database Health

    Kim Gandy

      Looking to build a high level graph for the leadership team to see month-by-month how our lead database is doing. I've narrowed the metrics to marketable leads, unsubscribes, and invalids.


      Does anyone have recommendations on how to visualize this data or additional metrics I should take into consideration?

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          Josh Hill

          monthly bar or line charts.


          If you are skilled with chart tools, you can better show the proportion of each type against the total db size and how your list is growing or declining based on those factors. Think step charts or delta charts perhaps.


          You also may want to explore sources of Decline or Growth in emailable leads or marketable leads. Be very clear about the definitions.

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            Darrell Alfonso

            In additional to Josh's points, you may want to consider displaying number of unqualifed or junk leads.


            Another one might be what percentage of your leads are scored vs not scored.

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