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    JavaScript Forms API is loading form elements more than once

    Jon Bennett

      We have a lot of clickable CTA elements on our website (sidebar graphics, download buttons, hyperlinks, etc) that contain a Marketo form id via the CTA element's data-attribute. When a CTA element is clicked, the form id is retrieved from the data-attribute, and then using the JavaScript API loadForm method we render the form inside of a panel that slides up from the bottom of the page.

      This functionality has worked well for months, until recently when we discovered an issue that if the user rapidly clicks the CTA multiple times, the form children elements (input fields, labels, submit buttons, etc) are getting duplicated. The problem seems to be that if the forms script is aborted before it has a chance to render the form, when executed again it appends the form elements from the previous call to the current form object, causing duplicates of the form's elements to get loaded.


      I've tried all the typical methods I would think would fix the issue (disabling the element that gets clicked, setting flag variables, timeouts, etc.) to ensure the loadForm script isn't being called multiple times, but maybe I should be looking at using a different method of retrieving/rendering the form?


      I've created a codepen displaying the issue here: https://codepen.io/jonbenwaa/pen/aWapvL


      It may take a few tries to get it to occur, but it will happen if you rapidly click on the of the sidebar images fast enough. Also I attached a screenshot of it occurring as well so you can see what I'm talking about. Any help is appreciated.