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DCRM Virtual MUG Meeting [05/17]

Discussion created by Jeffrey Anderson on May 17, 2017
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Hey all,


I took some detailed notes during the meeting - in case you missed it and prefer to read instead of listen to the recording!


Two people from Marketo joining.

18 members of Dynamics user group joined in


Derek Fung (Marketo)

-- Directly responsible for roadmap for Dynamics connector to Marketo

-- Wants to make sure we're on the same page...

-- Issues: Lets not dig into the details of a specific case


Tom Moran (Marketo)

-- Director of support, Marketo

-- Came in late Jan, 2017 to lead customer support ... from Microsoft (Office) support



Chelsea Stinnet (SMG)

Since summit, they've had designated support person (Clinton). Things have gotten better, but they still have 6 open tickets (status of escalated). They don't understand why there is so much confusion around their tickets. Syncing is messed up. However, it seems to be inconsistent. Some things work perfectly, some things are completely bonkers... They feel like they're in the dark. [Derek] Try to avoid saying "it depends". Dynamics is super flexible, so the setup is extremely important to determine how things are synced over. They want to try to create a recommended setup document... Doesn't sound like that exists yet. They've her variations of this scenario before... it seems like everything is good. But then you can't replicate it... and they have to go into the details, particularly logging. Logging should be set up properly. They use some internal tools at Marketo support... that they want to try to make available externally for self-service. [Tom] They're trying to develop  SME program for dynamics-specific issues.




Thanks for taking the initiative to set this up and make this a priority. One thing we have is sync issues with Dynamics, and cases were open, but resolution never happened.... closed because of timeout. Excited that we're opening this dialog, and Dynmics SMEs.



Paul (Perkuto)

How will these questions be triaged? There is a post about the kind of information and tags to include in your tickets to expedite the process. [Tom] What you're going to see is internal guidance to support members to tell them what they can troubleshoot, and what should be escalated. Externally, having what should be included in a case is perfect... It might be worth having a meeting between Paul, Derek, and SMEs to determine what the guidance should be - what re the necessary things to enable to make it even faster. I've been asked to put together a partner support program (just thinking through process)... To make sure partners (like Perkuto, experts/training) has access to see what cases are under their watch... to open channels of communication.



Justin (SNHU)

Is there an initiative to augment support team around Dynamics customers? Are you hiring specific people? More people? Training? [Tom] Yes, we've answered part of it... building out the SME team. Hiring? One thing they're looking for is deeper subject matter expertise. Not easy to find, but we just modified job descriptions to recognize more subject matter expertise in a variety of areas. They will consolidate teams, increase training, determine tools needed.



Paul (Perkuto)

Comments in the community, where there is a sync issue (some records, not others) - the response from support seems to be to just "re-sync". Should people just resync proactively if they're seeing out of sync items? [Derek] I would say - the short answer is... if this is a one-off thing, that might be something we'd recommend. However, what they don't want is that if people just continue to resync, maybe other issues are going to pop up and no one will understand the issue. Not much information on USER end to be able to diagnose things. Mentions tools that might be able to give us more information. Use resync carefully, but be sure to give the information to Marketo so they can look into it.



Cindy (Subzero)

What is the latest version of the connector? After Wednesday's conversation, what is the latest version of the connector... How long will it get maintained? As time has gone on, when there is an update, we will release new plugin/update... They get an increase in functionality, an improvement on processing time. They've checking once a month for new updates. However, the documentation stopped getting maintained since last fall. In the file, it has the actual date/version. [Derek] We echoed part of this at summit. We now have three channels to communicate. If we make any updates/patches, Derek will update the forum (user group function). We'll make it a point to update release notes, update version, etc... in documentation. He'll check up on it with the engineering team to make sure the process is going. [Paul] Hard to find the latest version of the connector. Paul made a quick post about this to find out the version/etc.



Laurie (BitTitan)

Question about the relationship between PERSON and OPPORTUNITY... Sync issue, turning off all fields in opportunity. They've been working to turn on fields - went from 100 fields to 20. The opportunity should sync to Marketo so they can do ROI reporting. When you sync to dynamics, it can only connect OPPORTUNITY with ACCOUNT instead of CONTACT. So, when she runs reports based on CONTACTS, she'd not getting data. There is a way to connect multiple CONTACTS to an OPPORTUNITY. Revenue has to be connected to PERSON. You should add




View Marketo lead activity within CRM, outside of Sales Insights. Marketo can't speak to campaign and list entities inside dynamics... Is there a roadmap to extend connector to speak to those entities? The list entity would be useful so you could associate lists to campaigns in Dynamics. [Derek] A couple of asks - Sync activities so activities in Marketo get synced back to CRM. That is a very large amount of data, so we don't have plans to sync it. Ideally, you'd want to be able to trigger stuff to happen in Dynamics CRM, based on activities. Do you want a data warehouse to hold all activities? You can sync these things using the API. [Laurie] She wants to see data from campaigns synced between the two environments. [Derek] We need to expand the number of features to near-Salesforce parity. The campaign entity is #1 object we're asked for... We know it needs to be done - not if, but when? Need the ability to initiate tasks into Marketo.


James Glavin (ACAS Educational Tools, Boston)

Question about the relationship with Microsoft. How is Marketo working on the relationship with Microsoft. What can we do to support Marketo from the client side? Is anyone specifically taking lead from Marketo side? [Derek] The one doing the driving on Marketo side is Derek. The team responsible for managing the relationship with Microsoft and other vendors. Having the right staff is important. While we have the relationship, we need Microsoft to be as clear about the client experience as Marketo is. They need to be aware of this, just as Marketo does.  When an issue comes up, Marketo is happy to get on calls with Microsoft to speed up resolution process. Having the additional push on the client end makes it better, too.


Justin (SNHU)

Our admissions team has a lot of nurture programs running in Marketo - with tons of leads per day. He can't figure out a good wayfor admissions reps to see if emails are bouncing. Have any users built a workaround (in MSI, etc)? His support rep doesn't have much experience (Shawn McCombs - they're trying to get someone else more experience with Dynamics). [Derek] Bounces? How to execute campaign... What tool can tell you? Are you using Email Insight tool? [Justin] Yes, we've had OKAY luck with it... showing activity. They want to see 1-to-1 bounce. [Derek] That's out of my realm, but I'll ask around.


Paul (Perkuto)

Wrap up... end of the hour. Very appreciative of Derek and Tom for speaking and questions. I've captured the questions and we'll see what we can do to answer them. Be sure to participate in next month's call. This meeting will be recorded and sent out to the group.