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    Multiple Request Campaign Flow Actions

    Nate Oosterhouse

      Hi All,


      If we have a smart campaign which has two request campaign flow actions (see example below).  Would Campaign 1's flow complete, meaning the wait of 5 minutes and the change of the data value, before Campaign 2 is requested or would Campaign 2 would get requested immediately after Campaign 1 is requested?



      Flow Action Step 1: Request Campaign 1

        1. Campaign 1's Flow
          1. Wait 5 minutes
          2. Change Data Value

      Flow Action Step 2: Request Campaign 2

        1. Campaign 2's Flow
          1. Change Data Value



        • Re: Multiple Request Campaign Flow Actions
          Justin Norris

          Hey Nate Oosterhouse,


          If I understand you correctly, there are two smart campaigns (Campaign 1 and Campaign 2) that are being requested in sequence from a third campaign and you are asking about order of operations of the flow steps within Campaigns 1 and 2.


          The answer in this scenario is that the order of operations is completely independent. Both campaigns will be requested in sequence and then the flow steps within them will be processed by the system based on when they were initiated, their priority, the current backlog etc.


          Given the wait of 5 minutes in in Campaign 1, it is highly unlikely that the first data value change will be complete before the one in Campaign 2.


          If you want to control the execution of Campaign 2, do not request it but have the trigger be the data value changing in Campaign 1. This ensures that there is no way it will start before Campaign 1 is finished.



          Justin Norris | Perkuto

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