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    A/B testing for staggering email sends

           Hi I have been finding best practices everywhere that say that we should do some ip-warm up but staggering my email sends in marketo. Can i use AB testing to accomplish that?

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          Devraj Grewal



          Yes, the theory is that if you send to a select "A" list of leads first (those most likely to engage), then send a second batch around an hour later, those unengaged leads are more likely to be delivered emails and most likely to have them inboxed. This is because your reputation will be a little warmed up and boosted because of the more recent engagement with your content.


          You can do this with A/B testing if you are sending at different times. What I have done is create a smart list of those leads in a specific program who are more engaged with email content and use a smart campaign to send to them first. Then another smart campaign will send the email to those not on that smart list who are unengaged and it will hopefully have a boost in inboxing and delivery.


          http://blog.marketo.com/2016/01/3-strategies-for-maximizing-email-deliverability.html  (#3 Segment by Engagement)

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