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    Discrepancy in GA vs Marketo Form Conversions

    Balkar Singh



      We're getting a significant difference in conversions reported from Google Adwords v/s Marketo Form Fills. For AdWord campaigns which use Marketo LP and UTM parameters the conversions reported by GA are significantly different than Marketo (We're using Filled out Form, with Query String contains the UTM parameter string) and comparing it date wise.

      Is there any apparent reason why won't this match?



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          Justin Norris

          Hi Balkar Singh,


          This could be due to the different ways these platforms report on data.


          Your GA conversion report is quite likely showing a count of all form fill events.


          A Marketo smart list with will always show you a count of people who meet your criteria. This could lead to discrepancies if a single person filled out a form multiple times (creating multiple events), as they will still only be counted as one in the smart list. 


          Also GA can associate a conversion event with a UTM parameter if that event happened in the same session (even if multiple pages were visited prior to conversion). But Marketo will not do this out of the box. So if you are just grabbing querystring parameters into hidden fields on your form, you could lose this data if a person navigates to a different page before filling out the form.


          There could be other reasons as well.



          Justin Norris | Perkuto

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