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    ABM Lead Lifecycle vs Traditional Lead Lifecycle

    Alexis D'Alba


      We are currently in the process of redefining our lead lifecycle so that it make sense in regards to our new sales structure. We currently do not have AMB,  so we're setting it up the traditional way (MQL, SAL, SQL, etc.) . However, we are looking into ABM solutions which is the direction we ultimately want to go. My questions are the following:

      - Does it make sense to continue to set up the traditional funnel metrics if we plan to move to ABM?

      - Can we keep our traditional funnel metrics in conjunction with ABM funnel metrics -- basically can we measure both leads and accounts simultaneously?


      Again, we don't currently have ABM, but we plan on implementing a solution in the near future. This is all new to me so any feedback would be greatly appreciate.


      Thanks in advance,