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    Managing "company name" updates to CRM contact records

    Dan Stevens.

      As you know, CRM accounts are associated with CRM contacts.  When those contacts sync over to Marketo as new records, all of the information on the "Company Info" tab is read-only.  However, when doing some testing (using an online form submit) - and specifically entering a different company name - the record in Marketo did indeed reflect the new company name (all other information/data stayed intact).  But, as expected, the updated company name did not sync over to CRM (since Marketo cannot write to the account entity). 


      But now we have a record that has a different company name in Marketo from what's stored in CRM.  This isn't unrealistic.  A known user could submit a form and enter bogus data; or enter a name that differs slightly from the formal company name contained in CRM. 


      I'm curious as to how some of you deal with this.  Do you use custom proxy fields to store these values (when a record is tied to an account record)?