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    Sync to specific CRM User based on field

    Raul Ocaña

      Hi guys,


      I know there is an option to push leads from Marketo to a specific CRM User. But is there a way to do it by reading a field from an iimported list?


      The thing is that some users want to import lists into Marketo, this list will have a column of the sales guy in CRM (Owner of the record). The idea is to let them upload that Owner in any Marketo field and then using a Smart Campaign that will push the leads to the specific CRM user.


      Any ideas please?




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          Dan Stevens.

          In terms of syncing leads to specific CRM users from Marketo, that can only be done if the lead has yet to be synced/assigned.  Once assigned, you cannot change the owner (like you can do on the SFDC side).  And since you're dealing with the CRM user object, I'm not aware of a way to do this using a custom field.  On the other hand, you can send out real-time alerts to users who's email address you contain in a custom field:


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            Grégoire Michel

            ON top of Dan's answer, there is no way you can use a token to set a user value in the "sync [CRM]" flow step. The idea existed for SFDC and I just entered the same for Dynamics Use tokens in the "sync lead to MS Dynamics" flow step


            So the only way, which will work of you have a limite number of potential future lead owners, is to upload the owner into a field, then run your "sync" flow step with choices.


            If Owner field is UserX then sync, assigning to User X.



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              Jonathan Ng

              A workaround that we used to reassign leads/contacts that were already synced in CRM is to use a workflow and a hidden field.  Marketo sets the value for a dropdown field and then a workflow fires on changes to that field.  Depending on what value is selected in the dropdown, the lead/contact reassigns to the owner specified in the workflow.  If you have a very large sales team then this becomes very difficult to create all the steps in the workflow, but it does work.


              You could then use the list import process to import the dropdown value into the lead/contact, which should then kick off a reassign process.  If you were to use this method you would need to be sure to clear out the value of the field after a time period, so that if the lead owner reassigns to someone else, and the lead comes back, it can reassign back to the original lead owner.