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Advice on "Marketing Groups" - a grouping of industries

Question asked by Darrell Alfonso Champion on May 11, 2017
Latest reply on May 13, 2017 by Grégoire Michel

Hi Community!


Ok so here is what we are working with.


We produce monthly data research reports that we send to leads and contacts based on industry.


Often, reports will be relevant to multiple industries as well as accounts that may be in an industry that could be considered irrelevant.


Hypothetical Example: Report on Healthy Living goes to Retail industry (but not all retailers apply) and some Food and Beverage Industry (but not all apply - ie junk food maybe). Currently we are manually picking companies to be included which takes forever.


So we are thinking of making Marketing Groups, which are checkbox fields, the idea of Multi-select picklists also came up.


So an example would be a Fitness Group which includes select retailers, select food and beverage, select manufacturers etc. And then there would be Home and Garden, Travel and Travel Related. And then specific ad agencies.


Now, sales operations wants to make those fields on the account object, so when new contacts are added to each account they automatically inherit the marketing groups. But some of the downsides are that sales can't really adjust marketing groups at the contact level and I can't really do operations in Marketo without salesforce workflows etc.


I would like to have the marketing groups on the contact object so I can have more control with Marketo and sales can pick and choose who to suppress, however the issue of new contacts added to existing accounts keeps coming up.


Which method is better? Or how would you solve for this? Any advice appreciated!