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    Marketo Templates Not Displaying Correctly on Mobile

      Hello Marketo Community,


      I'm pretty new here, so maybe something really obvious and easy to fix is going on here... Hoping you all can help me out.


      We are having a lot of issues with the Marketo templates not displaying correctly, in general (are you???), but this particular issue is currently at the top of our list of things we need to address:


      When I send an email, it looks pretty good in Outlook - I've had to finagle things quite a bit, but we've got it working - however, on mobile, the justification is all off (see image attached).


      Fig. 1 looks good - you'll notice that the bottom module still has the original template content in it and the rest of the content is mine, but soon as I drop original content in that last module the email stops displaying correctly on mobile, see Fig. 2.


      Yes, the image is the exact recommended size (389x258), and no I haven't edited anything in the code.


      Thank you for any advice/input you all may have!