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    Tasks Generated from Sales Insights

      Hi Everyone,


      We are running into an issue with a process with Sales Insights.


      We were looking to have tasks generated for our reps when they would send a 1:1 email from the Sales Insights and the recipient would click the link in the email.


      This works fine when I say send an email to myself from the Database in Marketo, but nothing is happening when sent from the Sales Insights. Is this out of the ordinary or is this working correctly? Any work around ideas?




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          Veronica Holmes

          Hi Alec - we may need more info here but I'm going to take a stab at it.


          When you say you are creating tasks, I'm going to assume you are building a smart list in Marketo that is listening for sales to send an email, and for a recipient to click on that email, so that in the flow a task is created. Is this right?


          The fact that you say it works if you send from Marketo but not from MSI hit alarm bells for me as those are two entirely different triggers. The smart list to get what you are describing to work would be entirely different for emails sent through Marketo or through MSI. If you want to trigger off an email sent through MSI you'd need a combination of "Sent Sales Email" and "Clicked Link in Sales Email". It sounds like you might be using "Sent Email" and "Clicked Link in Email" instead.


          If I've misunderstood the problem, I need more info!



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