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    Multiselect Picklist Field issue between Marketo and SFDC

      Hi Community,


      I recently created a multiselect picklist field called "Source of Candidates" in Salesforce on both the Lead and the Contact object, naming both fields with the exact same name. And then I mapped the fields together in SFDC as well so that when the Lead is converted, the data passes through into the newly created Contacted. Pretty standard.


      Usually, when I do this, Marketo recognizes that they are the mapped and will pass data into one single field on Marketo's end that is then tied to both the Lead and the Contact.


      However, this time around, Marketo for whatever reason created two separate fields: "Source of Candidates" and "Source of Candidates (C)". This is creating problems for us because it's stopping the passage of data between the Lead and the Contact record. For example, we use "Source of Candidates" in one of our forms. When an existing Contact goes to fill out the form, "Source of Candidates" will get populated but then this data won't passed correctly into SFDC since this person is a Contact and there is now apparently a field "Source of Candidates (C)" that it seems to be synced to instead.


      Does anyone have any idea why this is happening?