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    Drip Campaign

      Hello Marketo Community,

      I have a nurture stream set up based on specific triggers. Once a trigger criteria has been met, an email will only be sent out once, or the lead will be removed from the flow if there was a form fill.


      What is the best way to structure this program? I've created an engagement program with various streams and a somewhat complex transition rules. It also doesn't make sense that I should have to set a cadence for emails since they are only meant to be sent once if a trigger criteria is met. Should this be done via engagement program streams or "Request Campaigns" over various smart campaigns? (I'm reluctant after learning best practices since this may crowd the instance with API calls and slow it down, cause race conditions, etc.)


      Any feedback is appreciated.

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          Eric Salalmon

          I may be wrong, but is you want to stop someone from continuing down the same nurture path once success criteria has been reached you need to remove them from the flow, but that could be a smart campaign where you do that then create another action to alert the appropriate people internally or specific information is then sent.

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              Thanks for the correspondence. My question was more broad on how best to construct the campaign, not what criteria I should use. The question is whether I should use an engagement program with stream transitions, or if I should use multiple smart campaigns with a Request Campaign trigger.

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                  Eric Salalmon

                  Well they are both useful, but I think if you are going to be updating content more often you should probably use the nurture (engagement programs with the stream transitions), but if you won't be updating it all that often then it may be better to use smart campaigns. it really depends on the content how often you refresh it and how much there is.

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                      I'm going to get a bit more granular here so let me know if this makes sense.


                      I spoke to Marketo Support and they are telling me that I need to set a cadence to send out the emails in each stream. That the transition rules only pull a person into the stream and that I need to set a cadence on when the people who are in that stream will receive emails. (This does not make sense to me since the emails we are sending are only to be set once, not on a weekly/monthly/etc. basis)


                      The point of my nurture isn't to send a series of emails. Rather, to put them in another stream or entirely different smart campaign to trigger another email based on their prior actions. This is do-able via engagement streams no? Let me know your thoughts if you can.



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                          Eric Salalmon



                          You can do something similar but not the same. The cadence set for engagement programs say that the specific day and time you will receive an email like: every Monday at 9 am. With the campaign you can do a certain time frame from when they entered into the cycle for example if they entered in on Tuesday and you have it set to go out 7 days from when they entered then they will receive the email or content on Tuesday a week later. the flow would be based on that aspect.


                          Now in the case you identified an engagement program may be better because you can say the first Tuesday of every month at 9 am the letter would be sent. If you did the other way it would be 30 days from when they entered into the flow. In your case the engagement program may be a better fit for your environment.


                          Backing up my points (those first 2 paragraphs are more directed towards your first statement) if your goal is to push people into a flow based on specific criteria an engagement stream would be easier to set up then a standard set of campaigns for specific criteria to dump people into lists to sort them.  Once you have multiple streams set up you can segment the data between streams fairly quick using the same filter logic.

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                            Yulya Toporochan

                            Hi Kevin,

                            I came across your post because I was researching a similar case. I wanted to know (like you) if a nurture campaign makes sense if my email is going out only once not in a cadence. What did you end up doing? From what I read, I'm leaning towards several smart campaigns with different flows. I also want to send two follow-up emails based on the engagement criteria (open, clicked vs. not opened, not clicked) in the first email.


                            Please let me know if you have more insights on this topic.