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    Is there a way to have Dynamics block updates at the individual field level?

    Dave Cunningham

      I'm wondering if there is a way to have Dynamics ignore updates from Marketo at the individual field level? So basically like Block Updates in Marketo's Field Management, but on the Dynamics side. I realize this is more of a Microsoft question, but I'm guessing someone here has had this same need.


      As an example, I am a contact in Dynamics so thus have a lead record in Marketo. My Dynamics job title is "CEO" which has synced down to Marketo so that is the job title on my lead record. I then fill out a Marketo form and enter the job title "Vice President". I want to block that from syncing back to Dynamics, but I would like any other field updates on the Marketo to sync to their respective fields in Dynamics. Is this possible?


      If so, does it work like this? My Marketo lead record's job title is changed to "Vice President", but after the next sync cycle it is changed back to "CEO" because that is still the value in Dynamics.