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    Word choice that trigger spam filters

    Jamie Barclay

      A couple of questions

      1. Is there a filter available that we can run our content through to make sure that certain word choices in our content would trigger spam filters?


      2. Is there a publish list of words that would trigger spam filters


      Thank you

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          Devraj Grewal



          1.There are certainly services out there that you can run the email through and it can do a potential spam check (ex. Email on Acid, Litmus, etc.).


          However, when an email bounces for spam, you're not going to know what content in the email made it bounce. It could be a load of reasons from too many links, too many images, spammy verbage, from address, your sender reputation, your shared IP sender reputation, etc.


          2. Words I tend to avoid are:





          Gift card





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