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Segments not working

Question asked by Franklin Bear on May 9, 2017
Latest reply on May 23, 2017 by Rachel Noble

Hello, Community!


I am using lead segments simply for grouping leads to filter by. When we generate send lists, have quite a bit of criteria we need to filter by and instead, I have created segments with all the necessary filters to ensure that the specific filters we need do not get forgotten; and just for ease of building. One of my segments is based on Lead Ownership. Within my segment, there are 7 groups (8 including the default: however, I am hoping that no one falls into this group). I have it set up by teams, so CSMs, SDRs, AEs, Marketing, etc.

What's happening, though, is that with one segment is not recognizing the filters in the smart list. Specifically, the CSM segment. It is a simple set up: Lead Owner Last Name = (the CSM's last name). A lot of these are going into the Default segment and I can not figure out why. The names in the CSM smart list exist in none of the other smart lists in the other groups contained in this segment. Does anyone have an idea or has experienced this before?