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    Overlapping campaigns

    Raul Ocaña

      Hi guys,


      I have created a smart campaign to set a the Country "friendly" name field based on the Country GUID field. And also a smart campaign that set the GUID based on the text.


      Since both SC are triggered by "change data value" or "person is created" these 2 campaigns will be calling each other for the eternity. I cannot set "if field is blank" because if the value is updated it won't maintain the consistence and dirty data will appear.


      Have you guys worked with this scenarios with MSD? Is there a easy way to avoid this?





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          Dan Stevens.

          Hi Raul.  Your CRM environment seems a bit different than ours.  Our COUNTRY field is not a custom entity with GUIDs (like the OWNED BY field, for example) - and the actual values sync over just fine to our Marketo environment.  So my first question is, how are you able to grab the "friendly" values from CRM and use them in Marketo?  Any time you're dealing with lookup fields that have GUIDs, creative processes must be used to obtain the friendly name in Marketo.  Interesting to hear how you're achieving this.


          To help us diagnose your question, it would be helpful if you could include screenshots of your smart campaign (smart list and flow).

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              Raul Ocaña

              Hi Dan,


              Well basically I have 4 custom entities in CRM that are related to the Lead entity; so all these 4 entities exists as Lookups in the Lead. Country, Job Role, Lead Source and Industry.


              I had to create Smart Campaigns that are triggered by "person is created" or "data value changes". So once a field in Marketo that contains the GUID is filled or updated, the Smart Campaign is triggered, it reads the GUID and with multiple choices it looks for the GUID to set the text value in another Marketo field.


              And also I have created a Smart Campaign that reads the text value and sets the GUID.


              Checks the GUID field:


              Sets the friendly name:


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                  Dan Stevens.

                  Raul - you would need to include some specific filters to ensure that this doesn't get triggered each time a person is created.  What if you add a filter that only includes people that have a "MS Type" of contact or lead?

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                      Raul Ocaña

                      Hi Dan,


                      The thing is that we are syncing almost all records to CRM plus all records should have the GUID set up so once they are pushed to CRM, they will have the GUID ready for CRM to read it.


                      People suggested me that add a filter of "not data value changed" and use 10 mins or so, so it will stop the infinite loop of campaigns calling each other.


                      Dan, on a side question, do you know a tool or URL to check the Marketo "health" status? I need to see if my Marketo instance is ok or stucked by the lots of campaign calls and processes.


                      Thank you!

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                  Grégoire Michel

                  Hi Raul,


                  You can use "source" constraint in the data value changes trigger to make sure that the SC's only fire when the update is made from a certain source (e.g you CRM, a flow step or a manual change).


                  The droplist of sources does not work correctly, unfortunately. So, in order to know how to spell them correctly, I look at the activity log of some leads and display the activity detail.



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