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    Prevent Syncing of SF Leads

    Eitan Rapps

      Is it possible to prevent Salesforce Leads from syncing to Marketo, while allowing Contacts to continue to sync?


      Our business model requires us to target Contacts only in our marketing operations, while not sending anything to Leads.

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          Grégoire Michel

          Hi Eltan,


          1. Please move the question to Products . The specified item was not found. is for generic marketing questions.
          2. Yes it is possible. You need to set up a sync filter. Here is how to do it:
            1. Create a "sync with Marketo" field on leads and contacts in SFDC. Make that field available to the Marketo user. Make that field checked by default on contacts and unchecked on leads
            2. Create workflows in SFDC that check the field for all contacts you want to sync
            3. Update all you contacts, flaging the field, using a data loader or a Marketo Samrt campaign
            4. Log a support ticket, asking for the sync to filter on these 2 fields


          Now the big difficulty you will face is that Marketo itself will only create leads in SFDC, not contacts. furthermore, If a person unknown from Marketo comes to your web site and fills out a form, Marketo will create a new entry and push it to SFDC as a lead. If it happens that this person already was a lead in SFDC, Marketo has not way to knowing it and it will result in a duplicate in SFDC.


          Read more here:




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