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    DescribeMObject SOAP API does NOT return "MarketoGUID"

      As per the announcement Important Change to Activity Records in Marketo APIs, while trying with SOAP API v3.1, found that the describeMObject SOAP API for "ActivityRecord" object, does NOT return the newly added "marketoGUID" field.


      Request detail:

      Endpoint: https://sampleURL.mktoapi.com/soap/mktows/3_1


      <x:Envelope xmlns:x="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/" xmlns:mkt="http://www.marketo.com/mktows/">
                  <mktowsUserId xmlns="">sampleURL_user</mktowsUserId>
                  <requestSignature xmlns="">sampleURL_signature</requestSignature>
                  <requestTimestamp xmlns="">2017-05-08T16:05:09+05:30</requestTimestamp>


      The fields returned are as following:

      id, activityDateTime, activityType, mktgAssetName, activityAttributes, campaign, personName, mktPersonId, foreignSysId, orgName, foreignSysOrgId.


      It does NOT have marketoGUID field.


      Do I need to configure/enable it from client (my) side?

      Or does Marketo API needs to fix this, and send the "marketoGUID" column in response?


      Kenny Elkington, Dan Stevens, Steven Vanderberg, kindly look into the question.


      Justin Cooperman, Sanford Whiteman, Grégoire Michel,

      Would someone look into the issue?


      Edit 2:

      It's strange that in response of getLeadChanges API, it does return marketoGUID data, but in describe call, as mentioned above, it does NOT list marketoGUID column.