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    Making SFDC Values the master values

    Ross Safko

      This isn't a universal issue for all of our fields, but there are certain fields we have that exist inside of SFDC that we do not want Marketo to change. Occasionally, Marketo changes them and one of our SFDC admins have to manually change it back. Not a good look.


      I've seen a few recommendations on the boards here to use the "Block Field Updates", but the wording of that process seems pretty clear:



      It reads pretty clearly "Block Updates From..." the input sources. That reads to me that Marketo will still overwrite values in SFDC, but that if SFDC tries to update the value in Marketo it will be ignored. Thats not what I'm looking for.


      Is there a way to make SFDC the master for populated field values in specific fields? Is it using the "Block Field Updates" process (it doesn't feel like that to me)? Is there another process? I've operated under the premise that, due to the dual-sync nature of Marketo, there wasn't much we could do for this. Looking for some feedback. Thanks!