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Clicking >1 link in emails in a stream - how to you enforce them to be different links?

Question asked by ddc13fde547ffd3fd10360ab2ac0050f86df79fe on May 5, 2017
Latest reply on May 23, 2017 by ddc13fde547ffd3fd10360ab2ac0050f86df79fe

In one of our engagement engines leads transition into the next stream based on clicking >1 defined links in emails.  The aim is that they need to click an asset link in more than one email (one asset link per email) to move streams, however we are using the logic below and they are moving if they click the same link twice. 


Clicks Link in Email

Email is (list of emails)

Link is (list of specific links)

Min. number of times at least 2


Does anyone have a solution where we can enforce that the 2+ links clicked are different ones?