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    Getting creative in tracking known engagement across large amounts of content

    Dan Stevens.

      Our global website (including the individual country websites) is pretty massive: over 30,000 pages.  Up until now, we create a Marketo program for each group of main content pages.  For example, if we have a gated whitepaper that's being promoted on our global website and 23 country websites, a single Marketo program is used to track this engagement (the "clicks link on webpage" trigger uses "contains" logic to track the portion of the PDF filename that's consistent on all pages). 


      We now want to track engagement beyond the main content pages - for example, for every video that appears on our site (which is not gated).  We have about 300 unique/active videos.  Since we use program membership/program status as the primary attribute to track engagement, can you think of a more scalable approach that would allow us to track known engagement across all of our videos, aside from creating a 1:1 mapping of Marketo program to unique video?


      For reference, this is the structure of each "video" program: